I live in Hanover, New Hampshire, with my wife and three children.

A Day in the Life

We live in New Hampshire, and if you live in New Hampshire, you had better like the outdoors. Just yesterday, our black Labrador retriever Lily ended up with a porcupine quill hanging off her nose after an afternoon of cross-country skiing. (My wife and daughter were cross-country skiing, not the dog.)

Our house abuts the Appalachian Trail, so it’s easy to get off into the woods at just about any time of year (though snow shoes are recommended in the winter). I’m an avid golfer in the summer. Come winter, I try to play hockey without injuring myself. There is nothing more exhilarating than playing pond hockey (outdoors on a pond) on a brisk winter day

When I’m not doing that kind of stuff, I try to write books and grade my students’ papers!